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Nicholas Porter

When people run in circles it's a very, very mad world

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Name:Nick Porter [OC]
Birthdate:Apr 27, 1989
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Nick Porter. 24.

He's the eldest of three in a household where he was the eldest of everything and was always made to feel like less than nothing. He has a hard time talking about more than that, though. He learned to be loud when he needed to be and silently observe when he didn't. He was born and raised in Texas, but that never quite fit, so he packed up his things and headed east, hoping for something better in New York. Sometimes he feels like he doesn't quite fit in himself either, but he can't move out of his own body, so he'd alter his mind to escape so many things. He came to the city without a job or a place to stay and after a few shitty run ins, he was helped through the kindness of strangers. His aspiration is to be a model, or work in the fashion industry, all seeming just out of his reach. Finishing school was not an option, but he's damn good with his hands and his mouth, he'd tell you, but he wants to put those things behind him. He can move the earth.

He's rough around the edges but he's learning that he doesn't always have to be that way. He's not as quick to temper as he used to be and underneath it all Nick's a sweet, caring guy who desperately just wants to find his way. His love for art, flowers and kids is usually unexpected at first glance, but he's passionate about all three. He cares deeply about the people around him, something he never intended on happening, but when people give him a chance, he thrives on that and he's fiercely loyal.

His mother was the best and most important person in the world to him. She died when he was nine and he doesn't remember ever smiling after that, till now. Now he's ready to find his place in the world.

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